About Us


I’ve been Loving Zombies my whole life… AND I LOVE IT!

Everything about them is cool!

And there is ZOMBIE Merchandise EVERYWHERE! Cool Shit!

So I decided to show off these cool Zombie Gifts to everyone else. Why not? I can’t be the only one who loves Dead Things and Brains! :)

So this website has the stuff that’s Cool, Trendy, Weird… Things you wouldn’t normally find in a Hallmark Store! HA!

When I see something that catches my eye and pops it out… I post it. There’s just so much…

And it’s not just Zombies either…

It’s Costumes, Props, Decor, Kitchen Apparatus, Food, Jewelry, Survival Gear, Books, DVDs, Toys, Games, and of course, The Walking Dead! Everything that a Zombie Fanatic would LOVE! It’s HERE! Just note that I don’t carry these Pieces of Merchandise, I SELL NOTHING, I only show them off! :)

This is the Place to find those Unique Gifts. Something to get the person who LOVES Zombie Brains! Things you may have never knew existed!

It will certainly turn heads, eyes, and even body parts (don’t ask).

You’ll be the talk of the town (if you already aren’t). Good or bad, they’ll talk. I’m sure it’s because you’re wearing that Zombie Santa Pendant… I mean, people will think you’re NUTS.

But who Cares?

Because Crazy is GOOD! It’s Cool. It’s Different, just like YOU (your mama always said you wuz Different).

So I say, make a statement. Be proud of your Individuality and Personality and Strangeness.

Twerk with your Zombie Hoodie! Why Not?

Cause it’s Cool.

And you’re COOL!

And hey, there’s even a Zombie Monopoly Game!



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